Types of Hosting Companies There are many types of the hosting companies available like the shared hosting companies that have the sharing server between different companies but sometimes privacy is affected by the sharing servers. The virtual private server hosting companies is used for the middle level companies with the different requirements for the different users. The dedicated hosting companies are for the individual approach so they are free from the virus and the cost of the servers is very huge. The outsourcing services help to reduce the server risk, the shared hosting can be increased, maintenance levels are also reduced and they have the antivirus filters. It is important to choose the right type of the hosting companies depending on the type of the business and the requirements. There are different types of the hosting services offered by the companies to choose like the windows hosting services, Linux hosting, reseller hosting and the shared hosting services. The ecommerce hosting is useful for the websites that have the commercial sales option. Before opting for the hosting companies you can check for the bandwidth, storage capacity and the price for the plans they provide. The cloud hosting can be used for the business development services and for the other purposes. The larger bandwidth is more adapted by the hosting services so you can move ahead for the backup servers and the other function provided by them. Two or more number of the companies can share the hosting services depending on the business.